How Important Are Windshields? 

Ensuring to have a clean and a well looked after windshield is essential on your safety on the road. A dirty windshield could impact your visibility a bit which make driving unsafe. 


A damaged windshield is something you can’t ignore for your windshield account about 45% of the vehicles structural integrity when front-end collision happens and about 60% for a rollover accident. Small cracks and chips should be fixed immediately to avoid the crack to expand across your windshield not just because it is cheaper to have it repaired than replacing the entire windshield but also for your safety on the road. 

How to Care Your Windshield Properly 

  • Here are some tips to ensure that your windshield is in the best shape to protect you from anything that comes on your way on your everyday commute and also from the weather. 
  • Clean your windshield every other day, it will only take a few minutes because dirt builds up on your windshield gradually and could prevent you from seeing clearly even if sometimes you don’t realize it. Use a glass cleaner and towel for its exterior and microfiber cloth for the inside. To give them a little more shine, add a little bit of white vinegar. 
  • Check your wipers regularly to ensure they are in good shape. Dirty and squeaky wipers can easily result to scratches on your windshield and later to develop into serious cracks. Cleaning your wipers can take you just a few minutes and not cleaning wipers regularly might make you replace it more often.   
  • While cleaning, examine your windshield if there were signs of cracks and take care of it immediately if there are any. Even a slight chip can turn into a huge crack over time which could lead you to replace the whole windshield. 
  • It is always smart to keep a distance on the vehicle on your front as a precaution especially on delivery trucks that sometimes you can see on their bumpers a sign of precaution. 
  • Park your car inside a garage or under a carport to protect your windshield and your car just in case of unexpected weather change or a fallen branch of a tree. 
  • Do not clean or wash auto glass when it is hot. Heat could put a lot of pressure on your car’s windshield making it prone to crack or other similar damage. If the water you applied will result to strong temperature fluctuation, it can lead to a cracked windshield. 
  • Ensure that the level of your washer fluid is normal all the time, you will never know when you will be needing it. Keeping the reservoir full is also the best thing to do to keep the windshield washerpump from breaking. 

In an unlucky case when you are in a wreck, your number one built-in defense mechanism inside your vehicle is your windshield, ensuring that it is in the best condition is a way to prevent it from unnecessary shattering. Have your windshield repaired if you see some cracks and chips to prevent it from getting worst. Visit Grand Junction Auto Glass for more windshield tips. 


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How to Advertise your Church Effectively 

According to a study, around 34% of individuals in the United States say that they go to church every week. However, the truth is that only half of those individuals really go to church. Fundamentally, around 81% or more of people living in the United States don’t prioritize going to church every Sunday. 

How can you make people visit church weekly? Well, here are several methods that you could enhance your church marketing: 

1. Recognize Community Groups  

The individuals in your community are likely planning on doing another thing if they are not planning on going to church. Well, what are they planning to do? What makes them do it? Is it music? Is it exercise? Books? Sports? 

To do this, you must assemble a group of individuals at the church – either members of your staff or involved members. Try to assemble individuals across several demographics. This includes personality, profession, gender, age, and much more. You could then come up with various categories of individuals. Then, you could create a list of at least 12 various market segments.  

2. Identify what Groups or People your Church could Reach Realistically 

It is time for us to be honest here. You are not capable of reaching all of these individuals or groups using the same method. Your church is armed uniquely to reach several of the groups more efficiently than others. Well, that has something to do with the personality of your church. Is your church very traditional? Is it very charismatic? Choose some groups that you are really interested in inviting, or groups that coincide with the individuals that are already going to your church.  

3. Discover what Makes the Groups Interested  

Know what your target group is avid about. Know what their significant pain points in their lives are.  

The fears and/or problems that they have would vary from one group to another. Usually, they are related to what they really care. This would help you to talk to every group at a very emotional level. This would help you in convincing them that you’re attempting to offer them a thing that would really make them happy. 

4. Utilize Emotional Advertising 

Marketing, with businesses, includes trying to persuade individuals. For those who do not know, it is similar to your church. You are attempting to encourage individuals to foster their faith and attend your services. One way to create a connecting with individuals is through ads. Connect with the emotionally.  

5. Target your Advertising 

Marketing to the groups is good. However, you must think also about more methods to really target your advertising. Consider the groups of individuals that you recognized with certain interests and passions – how could you directly reach them? 

To unite your goal to the passions of your community, Facebook could help you operate local and targeted ads. Also, you’re only charged when a person clicks. 

However, there are other social media sites that let you advertise. This includes Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.  

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Top 5 Items That Should Not Be Placed In Your Dishwasher 

You’ll probably be stunned to discover that many of the objects you place in your dishwasher are in fact not safe. Having the comfort of owning a dishwasher, your kitchen aid, you would not want to hand wash dishes anymore but it is for sure surprising to learn that there are actually quite a lot of items that are not allowed to be placed in your dishwasher. Only to find out later on that a prolonged exposure to these unsafe items will cause your dishwasher to endure consequences.  


If you are curious what are these items and would love to be a dishwasher-savvy just read on and learn, what are the top or common items that should not go through your dishwasher. Also, please keep in mind that this can be applied to other dishwasher models and makers too, so it is necessary to learn what is and is not safe to go through your dishwasher. In addition to this, during unfortunate case when you suspect your dishwashers need repair do not attempt to do the job yourself, in order to avoid further damage you would need to seek assistance from a dishwasher repair   

Knives are basically one of those items that are not safe to your dishwasher especially sharp cutting knives, for the reason that it can cause internal damage when the water pressure shift them around. While there are considerable dull knives like butter knives that are fine to be placed into dishwasher just always avoid putting your sharp cutting knives you usually used for chopping because the pressure of the water can negate the sharpness and quality of the knife.   

Another item not to include in your dishwasher is your precious crystals. This one is actually obvious but yes there are still a lot of people throwing crystals into the dishwasher. Just make sure to hand wash any of your expensive dishes to avoid unpleasant damages for a reason that crystals are delicate and thin and can be easily cracked and chipped when the water pressure gets too high.  

For the reason that food really gets stuck in cast iron pans, they should not go to your dishwasher as well. They are more a little stubborn when it comes to cleaning compare to the other pans, you may want to do a thorough scrubbing and so hand washing them could be the best option. Or if your cast iron pans don’t have enough food waste and you think it is fine to include it to your dishwasher still consider it a no-go because the weight and size of your cast iron pans can damage or bend your dishwashers’ dish slots.   

Some of your wooden cooking tools are not safe in the dishwasher. So, avoid including them unless it is clearly stated by the manufacturer safe to do so.  Wood can distort or warp or even lose it finishes due to high heat.    

Your nonstick pans are not safe in the dishwasher as well except if clearly stated safe by the manufacturer. Nonstick pans’ film is very sensitive than you imagine when exposed to high water pressure your nonstick pan’s film will start losing its effectiveness so it would be better to hand wash your pan to avoid this damage. 

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