According to a study, around 34% of individuals in the United States say that they go to church every week. However, the truth is that only half of those individuals really go to church. Fundamentally, around 81% or more of people living in the United States don’t prioritize going to church every Sunday.

How can you make people visit church weekly? Well, here are several methods that you could enhance your church marketing: 

1. Recognize Community Groups  

The individuals in your community are likely planning on doing another thing if they are not planning on going to church. Well, what are they planning to do? What makes them do it? Is it music? Is it exercise? Books? Sports? 

To do this, you must assemble a group of individuals at the church – either members of your staff or involved members. Try to assemble individuals across several demographics. This includes personality, profession, gender, age, and much more. You could then come up with various categories of individuals. Then, you could create a list of at least 12 various market segments like mexican insurance companies.  

2. Identify what Groups or People your Church could Reach Realistically 

It is time for us to be honest here. You are not capable of reaching all of these individuals or groups using the same method. Your church is armed uniquely to reach several of the groups more efficiently than others. Well, that has something to do with the personality of your church. Is your church very traditional? Is it very charismatic? Choose some groups that you are really interested in inviting, or groups that coincide with the individuals that are already going to your church.  

3. Discover what Makes the Groups Interested  

Know what your target group is avid about. Know what their significant pain points in their lives are.  

The fears and/or problems that they have would vary from one group to another. Usually, they are related to what they really care. This would help you to talk to every group at a very emotional level. This would help you in convincing them that you’re attempting to offer them a thing that would really make them happy. 

4. Utilize Emotional Advertising 

Marketing, with businesses, includes trying to persuade individuals. For those who do not know, it is similar to your church. You are attempting to encourage individuals to foster their faith and attend your services. One way to create a connecting with individuals is through ads. Connect with the emotionally.  

5. Target your Advertising 

Marketing to the groups is good. However, you must think also about more methods to really target your advertising. Consider the groups of individuals that you recognized with certain interests and passions – how could you directly reach them? 

To unite your goal to the passions of your community, Facebook could help you operate local and targeted ads. Also, you’re only charged when a person clicks. 

However, there are other social media sites that let you advertise. This includes Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.