There are many things a car needs, it might be the fuel, the extra tire or the extra battery, it has needs too. Like the car, you the driver needs essential too, there are many things that you can store up in a car to save you out of trouble, if you are curious what those things are then you are in the right article. In this article we will talk about the things that you and your car need inside the car; we are also telling you why you need them. If you are stuck in the middle of the road because your car broke down, calling the towing company Baldavis towing service is a great company for your problem. Spare tire or Tire Inflator, and Seal A spare tire, a tire inflator, and a seal is always a good thing to have in your car because if ever there is a flat tire you can just change up. But there are some cases in which a spare tire is not enough for your problem, you will also need a tire inflator and its partner the seal. A tire inflator is an inflator for your tire, if ever your tire is flat you can bring it back to its original form with the it. You will need a sealer because the tire inflator is only for inflating the tire not sealing the problem so, having a spare tire or tire inflator, and seal is essential to have. Car Repair Information and Car Manual These two things are essential to have in a car because it is what guides you in order for you to repair the car and know the different car needs. A car repair information might include an information in order to repair your car or an information of the car repair company such as its address or it’s phone number. A car manual is essential for you to have in a car because it is what guides you if ever there is a problem either your car like an unusual noise or a smoke popping out. So, a car repair information and a car manual are a must to have in a car because it guides you in different occasion. First Aid Kit and Food You might not know that you are already lost and maybe got into a little accident while roaming. Having a first aid kit while travelling is always a good idea because you might not know what are the different dangers that could injure your or maybe you cut paper cut so having a first aid kit is a must. Food is also really important if you want to live because it is what makes you alive and be energize to drive again, spare food should be in a car just in case you get hungry. So, having a first aid kit and food is really important because it keeps you energize and keeps you living the next day.