Observe Proper Spacing Between Cars on the Road 

It’s very essential to keep a little bit of distance from bigger trucks and some other cars ahead. As a matter of fact, according to Lowell auto school, this serves as a very good rule of thumb in defensive driving. With that being said, you actually need to have a 3-second rule when driving at a high-speed pace, in which case you have to maintain a good distance which allows the other drivers to be 3 seconds away from your vehicle, allowing you an ample of time to control your vehicle, in case of any unwanted incidents. Usually, the trucks take longer to stop since the trucks need to have plenty of time first when driving on an icy road or in a bad weather condition. In addition to that, this will also allow you to have some time to react when something goes completely wrong. 

Keep Your Eyes on the Road Especially on Intersections 

Accidents can happen anytime however, most often they happen at intersections. Having said that, intersections are usually the most accident-prone areas where you need to really hit the brakes and slow down your car. Aside from that, you also need to look at from left to right, prior to crossing. Intersections may be certainly hard for the truck, especially if the intersection is experiencing a busy traffic. With regards to the defensive driving laws, you should always observe the traffic and have proper timing when you swerve your vehicles, in order to prevent hitting the other vehicles. 

Identify Those Vehicles That are Lane Changers 

Driving isn’t only about paying a closer attention to your car but also, to the cars surrounding yours. Most of the accidents happen on the highway if the drivers are lane changers. This occurs because these motorists don’t look at their mirrors when changing lanes. Now, you cannot control the behavior of every driver however, you can surely be a little more observant of the lane changers in order to prevent being involved in such mishaps with the others. Furthermore, according to Billerica auto schoolyou should always be alert of their movement as well as analyze their way of driving. 

Always Keep Your Two Eyes Open 

Always be on the road totally while driving – no disturbances, no distractions. You should also keep scanning the road behind and in front of you. Over-confidence may always lead to issues at times. All drivers believe that they are all good drivers and it is the other driver who’s at fault. However, this blame won’t keep you away from unwanted accidents. Therefore, you should always obey traffic rules, slow down as needed, wear safety belts, stay calm and be safe. If you want to know more about this, consider enrolling in a Lowell driving school. 

Keep Your Composure, Stay Calm 

It is very important for you to maintain yourself calm no matter what. Being worried or stressed while driving, will just make you less confident, hence, can already cause mishaps or accidents. Always try to keep your mind composed and cool so you don’t get stressed while you drive.